What We Do

What We Do


We provide a safe shelter for children, clothes, a education and food to we work to empower the children and help them recognize the reality of a future through education. The only means by which the children can over come their devastating past is through the dreams and hope of a future.


We prepare children for an independent future. Each child receives education and training according to his/her needs so that when the time comes to leave our institution they are able to stand on their feet and achieve the goals of self-reliance, financial independence and social integration.


  • HIV/AIDS awareness campaign
  • Income generation
  • Food gardening
  • Skills training
  • Job placement
  • Youth activities
  • School homework (afternoon classes)

Who We Serve

The foundation addresses the root causes of child neglect and abandonment by taking care of the following criteria for family support:

  • Absolute poverty
  • Parent and child/teenage headed families
  • Inadequate income to meet basic needs
  • Out of school, school failure and absentism of children
  • Child neglect and abuse
  • No access to support services
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Children being on the risk of being drug addicts

Work Programme:

The main challenges children face in their daily lives are poverty, HIV/AIDS, neglect an abused by adults. In confronting this problem we introduce the following programs:
DAY CARE CENTER - as early years represent the critical period during which stimulation and care of the children is vital in ensuring their survival, nutrition and development, thus we have established the centre to achieve these needs.
EDUCATION AND LEARNING CENTER - We provide early childhood education and care targeting children ages 0-5 years from very deprived families who are at risk of never being exposed to pre-primary education.
AFTER SCHOOL CARE - We supply food to children coming from school and during evening classes we help children of the community with home-work in the evening.
INSTILLING OF HOPE - We dedicate ourselves to instil hope in our society so that the children could joke, laugh, enjoy, play and dream in ways that were impossible for the majority of them before they come into contact with the foundation.
TOGETHER WE CAN - In collaboration with other institutions we give the children a sense of being, protection and hope.

Contact Us

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